We Arrive in San Francisco

Well, I’m here. In San Francisco. Alone. My emotions have ranged from:

Holy goodness, I love this place. I’m never leaving!


Holy crap, I’m all alone! Why the heck did I think this was a good idea?

And basically everything in between—and that was just yesterday.

Jesse came out here with me for a weeklong anniversary vacation, and it was blissful and perfect and exactly right. And over like that. Now he’s home, and I’m still here.

But before I get into the “alone” part of being here, let’s recap the blissful part first.

We arrived mid-morning on July 3rd and came to our studio apartment via airport shuttle. In the shuttle, before I knew how close we were, I was taking pictures out the window and admiring the area—its pretty architecture, its neighborhood stores—when I suddenly recognized street names and realized we were in our neighborhood.

And it’s perfect, really. It’s not a wealthy part of town. There’s nothing swanky about the neighborhood. It’s just a residential area where people live and work, and you almost never see tourists. There are two groceries on the corner of my street, and a couple blocks away there’s just about every variety of food you could want—Persian, Indian, Thai, Japanese, and so on. There’s a fabulous bakery, and a place to get crepes, and a place to get donuts. There’s a farmers market every Sunday.

Our first day, we unpacked and then napped and then ate the most glorious pizza I’ve ever had—spinach and whole olives and cloves of roasted garlic. Jesse and I both ate and drank for $7 total. (Our cheapest meal here by a long shot.)

While we ate our pizza, a man and woman outside alternated between singing to one another and threatening one another. (The woman: “Don’t hit me in the head. I’ve got a rock in my right pocket!”)

We were not in Kansas anymore, figuratively speaking. But I loved it…after we went inside the bakery to finish our pizza, that is.

(PS: Mom, this is the only time we have encountered a situation like this in our neighborhood, so you don’t have to worry.)

After dinner, we made our way to the coast, where we watched the sun set over the Pacific and talked about life and changes and choices and spirituality and passion and all the things you talk about while watching the sunset with your favorite person on the planet.

What a perfect start to a wonderful vacation…

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