The Mystery Hole + West Virginia Weekend

A few weekends back, we went to West Virginia with Joannie and Tim to visit my parents. We had loads of fun–eating Christy’s hot dogs (chili + slaw + toasted bun = heaven), playing Scrabble late at night, and enjoying the mountains. The trip was a brief one–up on Saturday, back on Sunday–but we packed a lot in.

Sunday morning was a little chilly and foggy, and we ventured out to visit the Mystery Hole roadside attraction, which has been confounding and amazing visitors since the 1970s. We were suitably amazed. I can’t tell you what the mystery hole is, though, because I’ve been sworn to secrecy, and it would ruin all the fun.

All I can say is, it was shocking…

Here we are, getting nearly sucked into the mystery hole.

The Mystery Hole affects everyone differently. It makes some people feel frolicsome.

It makes other people feel…a little weird.

Eventually, we managed to pull ourselves away. And not a moment too soon.

We then went to lunch and ate really excellent pizza. Our favorite was a steak and mushroom pizza with gorgonzola and horseradish sauce. Jesse and Mom were especially excited by the pie. Jesse was so excited, he couldn’t hold still. That’s why he’s out of focus.

After lunch, we went disc golfing. (Or, rather–Tim, Dad, and Jesse played disc golf while Joannie, Mom, and I enjoyed walking. And sometimes, sitting.)

The course was lovely, with lots of trees and pretty views. The¬†rhododendrons were blooming. It was all very pretty.¬†The course also had some funny little hidden “gems” to find along the way.

The weekend went by quickly, but we had fun, and we love any family time we can get these days.

Of course, we’re forever changed.

By the Mystery Hole.

In ways I can’t even explain.

You’ll just have to come to West Virginia one day with us, and see for yourself…

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