Which Packing Method Really Packs the Most? The Great Packing Experiment…

Pack light

In preparing for our China trip, I watched what seemed like a million packing videos on YouTube. Everyone suggested a specific packing method, whether it was rolling or using packing bags or what have you, and insisted that their way was the best packing method. And I’ve been there too–I always think whatever packing method I’m into at the moment is the very best and clearly packs the most clothes.

But here’s the thing. I never pack the same suitcase twice. So, how do I know for sure that one way of packing clothes is better than another?

I got to wondering: what method really did pack the most clothes?

I set out to do an experiment. I dragged out a suitcase and an arm-load of clothes (randomly selected). I also added some items that were oddly shaped, since I don’t know about you, but I’m never just packing clothes (I “packed” a toiletry bag, some shoes, and a curling iron for this experiment).

Then, I tried four methods:

1. Standard folding

2. Rolling

3. A folding method I’m told is called the “bundle method”

4. Pack max vacuum bags (the kind you roll)

I was pretty confident that rolling or the bundle method would win. These are my standard go-to packing methods. What I found, however, shocked me.

Watch here:

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