The Great Jesse and Erin Summer Adventure, 2010 Edition: Day Six


Our next-to-last day in Maine, we ventured out to Bar Harbor, a lovely little seaside place with rows of shops selling cute Maine-themed things and funny t-shirts. Our only complaints were that it was thick with tourists and we’d managed to pick the hottest day of our vacation to all wear jeans. My, my, were we sweating. Granted, it couldn’t have even reached the high-80s, but we’d been spoiled all week with cooler temperatures, ever-present breezes, and evenings that were downright chilly. So, with the warmer air and fewer breezes, and all the tourists (which always raise the temperature—just visit Florida if you need proof), there were times when we were all quite uncomfortable.

However, we did find a shady spot to eat lobster rolls for lunch. Yum!

Ah, lobster. In a roll.

First bite--LOVE.

For those of you who’ve not had the delight of a lobster roll, it’s chilled lobster meat and mayo on a toasted hot dog bun. (Ours had a bit of lettuce, too.) Of course, there are variations, like no-mayo versions and those with butter and those with salt and pepper. But the ones we had seemed perfect to us—cool, downright decadent, satisfying, fun. In fact, I could really go for another right about now. Too bad I’d have to drive like twenty hours to get one…

Refreshed and in much better spirits, we continued shopping and sightseeing.

In Bar Harbor, you can find pretty much anything with a lobster or a moose on it.

Our last stop in town was an ice cream place with a red and white awning where the Obamas had eaten at their recent trip to the coast. We ate on the shaded porch, mint chocolate chip for me, ginger for Dad, pistachio for Evelyn, and a flavor called “I haven’t decided yet” for Jesse.

Next up was a drive through Acadia National Park.

Near "Thunder Hole," where at certain times the waves hitting the rocks make the sound of thunder.

Every year, tourists are swept off to sea and killed by rogue waves because they refuse to stay within guardrails. I thought I might get a picture of one meeting demise and send it in to, but I was disappointed.

Last for the day was Cadillac Mountain, where we saw views like these:

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