The Great Jesse and Erin Summer Adventure, 2010 Edition: Day Four

What you need to know about day four:

1. These views:

The water was perfectly clear

2. Lunch at a bakery in Winter Harbor. BLTs and burgers on freshly baked bread, a cup of clam chowder that was creamy and perfect, ginger ale so strong it felt like it was burning my mouth.

3. A tiny town named Corea (yes, pronounced: Korea) with a used bookstore in a gray barn.

4. There’s so much art there that just about every shop was a “Type of Shop…and art gallery.” Like, coffeeshop…and art gallery. Used bookstore…and art gallery. Jiffy Lube…and art gallery. (Okay, I made that last one up.)

5. Around 3:00, Jesse and I crashed and took a nap while “the old folks” took a walk and weeded the garden and built a tool shed in the backyard. (Okay, I made that last one up too. But they did stay awake and moving while the two of us “youngins” barely made it upstairs to the bed before passing out. We were zonked.)

6. After our nap, we ventured out for shopping in downtown Ellsworth, an adorable little town next to a river that practically glowed as the sun set. I drank a hazelnut iced coffee from a shop called the Maine Grind and Jesse and I talked about how we might go about spending summers in Maine and winters in Key West. Now, to become independently wealthy…

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