The Fun Continues…

Today was:

  • Walking downtown, smelling doughnuts and hearing a man play a saxophone. It drizzled today but never rained hard. Our first stop was the Corcoran, where we spent most of our time with Jesse’s favorite sculpture (probably favorite piece of art, ever), the “Greek Slave” by Hiram Powers. So much time, in fact, that a woman from the museum came up to us and said she had to know what fascinated us so much about the piece. We had a lovely little chat about the sculpture, and she said if we came back again during our trip, that she’d give us her personal guest passes.
  • Walking through the Museum of Natural History until our feet ached and our brains felt numb. Sitting outside the museum after it closed, drinking water and Dr. Pepper and enjoying the chance to just sit.
  • More walking…this time to Chinatown for dinner. We found a crowded place with cooked ducks hanging in the window, and we ate steamed pork buns, egg rolls, and ginger beef with spring onions. I drank probably a half dozen little cups of tea, so wonderfully warm and soothing. The message in my fortune cookie said, “Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life.”
  • And, then, heading back to the hotel, surrounded on the Metro by people dressed in Halloween costumes.

A picture. Of me, with a stuffed lion.

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