The City by the Bay

Today I went to lunch with my aunt’s former coworkers, Grace and Kim, in the financial district. They took me to a nearby dim sum restaurant, and we proceeded to devour practically a cart full of dumplings. Picture it: me and two small Asian lawyers plowing our way through $60 worth of dim sum.

We had shrimp dumplings, sticky rice, steamed pork buns, Shanghai dumplings, Mandarin dumplings with chives, Chinese broccoli, taro root dumplings. You get the idea. They ordered a steady stream of delicious, tender dumplings, and I was happy to taste whatever they chose.

I probably drank a whole pot of chrysanthemum tea while we ate.

It was bliss.

Afterward, I wandered around downtown a bit, gaping in awe at the ceiling of the Neiman Marcus in Union Square (the most expensive shopping district in the city) and enjoying the perfect weather outside (sunny and probably low-70s). Then, I caught a couple buses over to the Marina and spent the loveliest time looking at the beautiful houses by the bay.

Here’s the thing about San Francisco. It’s freaking gorgeous.

You’ll be riding a bus, and there’s a man who smells bad and is talking to himself, and there’s someone coughing and you’re sure you’re going to get drug-resistant tuberculosis (it’s making a come-back, you know), and then the bus will turn and you’ll be at the top of a hill and you’ll catch a glimpse of the bay—such perfectly blue-green water dotted with white-sailed boats—and you just gasp and forget about everything else. Or, you’ll be heading home and you’ll look over your shoulder and there’s the Golden Gate Bridge, and it takes your breath.

Things are so beautiful here, I almost walk around with my mouth hanging open.

(But that seems risky. Tuberculosis, you know.)

Pictures don’t do it justice, but here are a few I snapped while wandering today:

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