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And the Angels Sing!

If you have never had a baked pork bun, let me tell you just one thing: You need to have a baked pork bun. Preferably right now. And preferably made by a Chinese person in San Francisco. Preferably from this bakery right here: What is a baked pork bun, you ask? A baked pork bun […]



Our Week in Food

Our first day included the last nap of the week: from here on out, we were pretty much full-tilt into sightseeing and eating our weight in good food. In fact, I have a thing for taking pictures of meals. I have always done this, much to the great annoyance or amusement (depending on the person) […]

We Arrive in San Francisco

Well, I’m here. In San Francisco. Alone. My emotions have ranged from: Holy goodness, I love this place. I’m never leaving! to Holy crap, I’m all alone! Why the heck did I think this was a good idea? And basically everything in between—and that was just yesterday. Jesse came out here with me for a […]


First Love

Marianne told me once that you always love the first place you travel to. We were in Japan when she said this, sneaking extra glances at a cute monk in a Tokyo temple. It was my first time overseas, and I assumed Japan would be “that place.” And it was, in a way, and I’d […]