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Revolver Coffee, Vancouver, BC

Revolver Coffee in Vancouver, BC: Our Favorite Coffee Shop Ever

I would honestly go back to Vancouver solely to have a latte at Revolver Coffee. It is that good. And the space is wonderful too. This is no Starbucks: there’s no wi-fi, and there’s nothing corporate-feeling about Revolver. It’s funky and hipster-friendly, but it isn’t too focused on design: it’s focused on coffee. And after drinking […]

And the Angels Sing!

If you have never had a baked pork bun, let me tell you just one thing: You need to have a baked pork bun. Preferably right now. And preferably made by a Chinese person in San Francisco. Preferably from this bakery right here: What is a baked pork bun, you ask? A baked pork bun […]



Our Week in Food

Our first day included the last nap of the week: from here on out, we were pretty much full-tilt into sightseeing and eating our weight in good food. In fact, I have a thing for taking pictures of meals. I have always done this, much to the great annoyance or amusement (depending on the person) […]

We Arrive in San Francisco

Well, I’m here. In San Francisco. Alone. My emotions have ranged from: Holy goodness, I love this place. I’m never leaving! to Holy crap, I’m all alone! Why the heck did I think this was a good idea? And basically everything in between—and that was just yesterday. Jesse came out here with me for a […]


Last Day in Congo

I promise the next blog I post will have pictures. We leave tomorrow morning and get into Raleigh Wednesday afternoon (which will feel like Wednesday night Congo time). I’m looking forward to being home, to seeing Jesse and to driving on paved roads and grocery shopping at Harris Teeter and brushing my teeth with tap […]


One thing you must know about our time in Congo is we are eating like kings. Everyday, Mama Lily brings us huge containers full of food she’s made for us. We eat plates of fried plantains, potatoes and spinach, fish and chicken and beef, rice, beans, fruit–avocados, oranges, bananas. We stuff ourselves regularly, but even […]