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Making Chinese Guards Angry

I couldn’t resist. The water was too pretty. The sun was too warm. I jumped in, even though I wasn’t exactly supposed to (though, to my defense, our tour guide did say that plenty of people swam there even though they weren’t supposed to–there was a precedent). And, okay, yes, I did make the Chinese guards […]


Sick in China

Getting Sick in China

Both Jesse and I got awfully sick in China. I’m pretty sure we either picked up a bug on the airplane or caught something we had no immunity to in Beijing. I got it first, and then Jesse came down with it a few days later. Of course, Jesse had to one-up me and get pneumonia […]

Leaving Home for Two Months

This summer, Jesse and I spent two months in China. I was co-leading a study abroad to a university in Nanjing, China, and Jesse was tagging along. We vlogged our way through China. Here are our first vlogs ever! Leaving home:   Leaving the country:   Arriving in China:




Today, I’m remembering: Being newlyweds in Key West in the summer, the heat powerful and perfect, afternoon naps in a papaya-colored room. I remember eating Mexican food outside about an hour before sunset, music playing in a language I don’t understand, the sun winking just over a brown fence, behind a large ficus tree. Rain […]