Whirlwind weekend: after classes Friday, Jesse and I drove to Charlotte. We had dinner with my aunt and then Jesse left for Monroe to spend the weekend with his family at a music-related gathering. Joannie and I drove to West Virginia Saturday and then back again Sunday. (On our way back, there was an accident that completely closed I-77 and added two hours to a four-hour trip.) Once I arrived in Charlotte on Sunday, Jesse picked me up and we drove back home. All in all, from Friday to Sunday I was in the car for eighteen hours.

But it was worth it. I was around family all weekend, and I needed that. Do you ever get to that point, where you just need to be around people who totally accept you for who you are, warts and all? (I don’t have warts.) I always feel cared for around my family. My aunt always has food (this time from a nearby Honey Baked Ham), and she bought shampoo and body wash and lotion for me to use in the guest bathroom. It’s just little things like that, just a bottle of body wash–it’s just little things that mean more than they seem. My mom makes me the best biscuits, and she gave me a bag of ingredients for homemade laundry detergent, or something. I just needed to be taken care of a little this weekend; I was tired.

Saturday night, we walked around the lake, looking at the mountains. I feel that West Virginia is a healing place, a part of the world where I feel comforted and held.

The weekend gave me just the boost I needed. I hope your weekend was as restorative.

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