Our Time in Nanjing

The month we spent in Nanjing certainly had its challenges: when we arrived, I was just recovering from my illness, and Jesse came down with his. The university dorms we were housed in weren’t exactly the cleanest–but once we found the local variation of Walmart and bought cleaning supplies, that was solved fairly quickly. And […]

Nanjing, China


Making Chinese Guards Angry

I couldn’t resist. The water was too pretty. The sun was too warm. I jumped in, even though I wasn’t exactly supposed to (though, to my defense, our tour guide did say that plenty of people swam there even though they weren’t supposed to–there was a precedent). And, okay, yes, I did make the Chinese guards […]

Getting Sick in China

Both Jesse and I got awfully sick in China. I’m pretty sure we either picked up a bug on the airplane or caught something we had no immunity to in Beijing. I got it first, and then Jesse came down with it a few days later. Of course, Jesse had to one-up me and get pneumonia […]

Sick in China


Leaving Home for Two Months

This summer, Jesse and I spent two months in China. I was co-leading a study abroad to a university in Nanjing, China, and Jesse was tagging along. We vlogged our way through China. Here are our first vlogs ever! Leaving home:   Leaving the country:   Arriving in China:

Revolver Coffee in Vancouver, BC: Our Favorite Coffee Shop Ever

I would honestly go back to Vancouver solely to have a latte at Revolver Coffee. It is that good. And the space is wonderful too. This is no Starbucks: there’s no wi-fi, and there’s nothing corporate-feeling about Revolver. It’s funky and hipster-friendly, but it isn’t too focused on design: it’s focused on coffee. And after drinking […]

Revolver Coffee, Vancouver, BC

Seattle, Washington

Seattle Travel Guide: What to Do and Hotel Review

Jesse and I had a blast in Seattle. Here are five things you do not want to miss: 5. The Space Needle: I mean, come on. You can’t come to Seattle and skip out on the Space Needle. (While you’re there, though, check out the Experience Music Project, a super-fun interactive musical attraction that’s got […]

Yoga and Missing the City by the Bay

So, I’ve been doing yoga since the spring semester wrapped. And it always makes me think of San Francisco. While I was out there that month (two summers ago–two! I can’t believe it’s been that long), I took classes in a fading blue Victorian across the street from Golden Gate Park. I could walk there […]



Vacation Eats in Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee

In Mr. Universe (which I really enjoyed, even though I fell asleep before the end of it–that’s what happens to me toward the end of a semester),  Jim Gaffigan said, “Really that’s all a vacation is–just us eating in a place we’ve never been.” I couldn’t agree more. In fact, as Jesse and I were planning our […]

The Mystery Hole + West Virginia Weekend

A few weekends back, we went to West Virginia with Joannie and Tim to visit my parents. We had loads of fun–eating Christy’s hot dogs (chili + slaw + toasted bun = heaven), playing Scrabble late at night, and enjoying the mountains. The trip was a brief one–up on Saturday, back on Sunday–but we packed […]

West Virginia



I’ve started working on the book again–after too long a break to deal with some distractions that sucked up my time–and it feels great to be writing again. I’m happy with the progress I made last November (during my failed attempt at NaNoWriMo) and I’ve jumped back in with both feet. I’m thinking a lot […]