Packing Cube Review: Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

packing cube

Last year, my friend, colleague, and study abroad co-leader Michelle B. introduced me to packing cubes, which have completely changed the way I pack and travel. Now my suitcase is leaner and more organized than ever–and there’s no going back!

After a bit of online research, I chose two kinds of packing cubes, both from Eagle Creek: the three-cube Specter Set and the double-sided cube (now called the Clean Dirty Cube). I fit all of my “main” clothes for two months in China in the double-sided cube, and my “extras” (underwear, socks, something to sleep in, etc.) into a couple of the Specter cubes. Jesse used the larger Specter cube for his clothes.

Since coming home from China, we’ve used these cubes every time we pack anything–and we’re even using them to organize our hospital bag for when baby makes her big arrival.

Packing cubes let you keep your suitcase perfectly organized. The Specter set even does a little compressing, so things fit better in small spaces. Packing–and unpacking–is easier with packing cubes, but the real benefit is being on the road with them: your suitcase doesn’t become a giant black hole of missing pants and crumpled clothes.

Here’s my video review of these two kinds of packing cubes:


The Clean Dirty Cube (Amazon) (10” x 13.5”) is double sided, with one side lined in a breathable mesh, and the other side lined with a clear nylon that’s supposed to be waterproof and odor-proof (I’ve not tested either). This one is perfect for keeping things organized. I like to pack tops in one side and pants/skirts in the other—which makes managing my clothes while traveling a breeze. The one downside is that this cube is structured and can be a little bulky. Because it keeps its shape, it’s a breeze to use on the road and almost acts like a little drawer for your clothes. But if space is at a premium, the Specter Set can’t be beat…

The Specter Set (Amazon) comes in three sizes: large (10” x 14”), medium (10” x 7”), and small (8” x 4”). Extremely lightweight, this set is great for maximizing space without adding bulk to your luggage. I’m always surprised at how much these cubes will pack!

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