Our Week in Food

Our first day included the last nap of the week: from here on out, we were pretty much full-tilt into sightseeing and eating our weight in good food.

In fact, I have a thing for taking pictures of meals. I have always done this, much to the great annoyance or amusement (depending on the person) of my traveling companions. But, I don’t care, because I want to remember what we ate, and the best way to do that is to take a picture.

So let me take you through a little food tour of our week in San Francisco.

At the Ferry Building, we ate organic-beef burgers and garlic-parsley fries and drank sodas from compostable plastic cups. Here’s an action shot:

That was the most American thing we ate. We had sushi, Thai (the best Pad Thai we’ve ever had–the noodles were like silk), Indian, Cuban, Italian. And garlic.

Here’s some garlic shots (from the Stinking Rose in North Beach):

Garlic ice cream:

Not only did we eat good food, but we ate a lot of food. One lunch we spent at an Indian buffet close to our apartment. The food was divine, and we ate plates of it–curries, tikki masala, almond-flavored desserts. A waitress came by to drop off steaming stacks of fresh naan and to refill my cup of chai.

We had delicious Cuban sandwiches in this little Puerto Rican place in the Haight. I love the woman’s facial expression in this picture. Wonder what conversation she was in the middle of?

In Emeryville, across the bay, we ate burritos. Mine was salmon and lime–mmm. And the owner of the restaurant gave us free fish tacos because it was our first time and that was their specialty. Score!

It took us two tries to get this sandwich:

Braised caramel pork belly, organic mizuna, pickled shallots. Yum.

And don’t get me started on the calzones we had in North Beach one of the last nights Jesse was out here. Straight from the oven. Olives, pepperoni, cheesy goodness. Sigh.

Come back tomorrow for the glory of the baked pork bun.



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