Last Day in Congo

I promise the next blog I post will have pictures. We leave tomorrow morning and get into Raleigh Wednesday afternoon (which will feel like Wednesday night Congo time). I’m looking forward to being home, to seeing Jesse and to driving on paved roads and grocery shopping at Harris Teeter and brushing my teeth with tap water.

This morning we were up early again and greeted the day at the lake. Evan and Luke worked on getting a song recorded by Fiston, and Robin and I wandered down the road to see a gorgeous hotel that overlooks the lake. It had the most lovely gardens. I won’t even try to describe them–I’ll put up pictures soon enough.

I had Congolese pizza today–cold, interesting. We were hungry and on our way elsewhere, so any food was good. Luke and Bishop and I went to the gorilla park to get some footage of the jungle. The park was almost closed (we’ll have to see the gorillas next time we’re here), but Bishop’s niece is married to the park manager, so he had some of the rangers take us out into the woods to traipse around and get some footage. They took us off the path and straight into the vines and branches and mess of the jungle. Bishop had stayed at the road with the car, and a few paces into our hike I realized, wait, I’m walking through the jungle in Congo near dusk with Luke and three men with AK-47s. Hmm. And the only things I can say to them in their language are hello, yes, no, how are you, good, thank you very much, and it’s nice to meet you.

But, that’s how we roll in Congo. That’s how the trip has been. I tried not to think about snakes as we climbed through the woods back to the road. And when it was over, we watched the sun set behind the volcano and we drove home in the dark, villages and goats and people and roadside fires passing by and dissolving behind us.

It was an amazing day. It was an amazing trip.

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