Home Away

In San Francisco, I lived in a lovely studio apartment I rented from a couple who looked like movie stars and owned an adorable golden retriever. I loved the apartment. It was roomy enough but small enough to clean quickly. Every wall had a piece of art on it, and the backyard was a patio garden with bamboo and a fish pond. The apartment was bright and airy, and I felt at peace there.

The neighborhood was called the Inner Sunset and was only a few miles away from the ocean. Of course, this meant we got quite a bit of fog, but even that was a small comfort. It was peaceful and calming, the wispy gray fog that rolled in from the Pacific, like a cool blanket. Back home, it was 100+ degrees, bright and sunny and humid, but in my little oasis on the West coast, I could feel myself relax. My eyes felt better, my skin more comfortable.

I wanted to share some pictures and a short video tour I took so you could see my apartment, the place where I wrote almost every day, where I ate chocolate croissants and listened to Ana Moura. I miss my little home away from home.


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