One thing you must know about our time in Congo is we are eating like kings. Everyday, Mama Lily brings us huge containers full of food she’s made for us. We eat plates of fried plantains, potatoes and spinach, fish and chicken and beef, rice, beans, fruit–avocados, oranges, bananas. We stuff ourselves regularly, but even on our best nights we haven’t been able to finish all the food Mama Lily brings us.

In the mornings, we eat omelets that are cooked with fried potatoes. These omelets come out as big circles that we cut like pizza. We put these and freshly sliced avocado on rolls and eat them like breakfast sandwiches, and I cannot tell you how tasty they are. We eat avocado at nearly every meal, and I am loving it more each time.

Yesterday at lunchtime, we bought rolls and avocados from a roadside stand, and ate them with cheese and warm Cokes. It was the simplest lunch, but it was delicious, the cheese soft and creamy, the bread fresh, the avocado rich. We ate in the van, balancing the food on our laps, tired and hot from a full morning of work.

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