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Moon Hill, Yangshuo, China

Biking through Yangshuo, China

Jesse and I spent several days in Yangshuo before heading on to Hong Kong. Yangshuo isn’t far from the more-popular Guilin, but we opted for the slower pace and smaller crowds of Yangshuo, where we enjoyed biking and kayaking and rafting along the gorgeous rivers and country roads. The karst mountains were absolutely brilliant. We […]

Jiuzhaigou, Parts One and Two

Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park is–hands down–one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen. The park is full of lakes and rivers with water so impossibly clear, you can hardly tell it’s there. Some of the lakes are brilliant shades of turquoise, and you can see straight through to the bottom. There are also impressive […]

Jiuzhaigou National Park, Sichuan Province, China


Cat Cafe in Nanjing, China

Can we just talk for a minute about cat cafes? Can we? Why don’t we have these everywhere? Oh, sure, there are a smattering of cat cafes around the United States. But. Seriously. We need them everywhere. A cat cafe in your city. A cat cafe in my city. A cat cafe in EVERY CITY. Think […]

Forbidden City in Beijing, China

Beijing Videos

Jesse and I loved Beijing–except the part where I got dreadfully ill there. But everything else… In fact, after we parted ways from the students, we went back to Beijing to see more of it. There’s nothing quite like Beijing: the intersection of history and modernity, the capital of one of the most impressive and […]

Shanghai Videos

This trip was my first time to Shanghai, and I immediately fell in love with the city. Here’s our first day in Shanghai (along with the pearl market we visited on the way out of Suzhou):   Exploring and planning out our solo trip around China in the gorgeous Cafe Dan in the Tianzifang area of Shanghai: […]


Nanjing, China

Our Time in Nanjing

The month we spent in Nanjing certainly had its challenges: when we arrived, I was just recovering from my illness, and Jesse came down with his. The university dorms we were housed in weren’t exactly the cleanest–but once we found the local variation of Walmart and bought cleaning supplies, that was solved fairly quickly. And […]