Biking through Yangshuo, China

Moon Hill, Yangshuo, China

Jesse and I spent several days in Yangshuo before heading on to Hong Kong. Yangshuo isn’t far from the more-popular Guilin, but we opted for the slower pace and smaller crowds of Yangshuo, where we enjoyed biking and kayaking and rafting along the gorgeous rivers and country roads. The karst mountains were absolutely brilliant.

We stayed at the Giggling Tree, a guest house that served delicious (if a little pricey) food. We rented bikes from them twice, and they also arranged our Li River raft ride, as well as a kayaking trip. Near the beginning of our trip, we would have arranged all these things ourselves, but by this point, it was kind of nice to hand that over to someone else.

The scenery around Yangshuo is some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

This video is probably my favorite of all our China videos, mostly because Jesse farts his way through the countryside, which made me laugh.

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