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Before I came here, I printed out a few MUNI maps so I could always find the nearest bus or train line. I found a map at Barnes and Noble, but it was $7 and looked completely useless, except that it was laminated. Once we got here, we picked up one of those free paper […]


San Francisco

The Elements: San Francisco

A little quiz. For those of you who know both Jesse and me, who would you say would be more likely to be the bleeding heart at the sight of sad-looking people holding out cups asking for spare change? (You answered me, right?) I mean, when I was a kid I once saw a man […]

Final Days in San Francisco

My last week here, I’ve been making sure to visit some of the neighborhoods I’ve never seen before. It’s amazing how much of the city the tourists never see. Those are always my favorite spots. Chinatown? Thrilling, beautiful, wonderful–but insanely crowded, expensive, and overrun with tourists. Inner Richmond is the city’s second Chinatown, and you […]

San Francisco


The City by the Bay

Today I went to lunch with my aunt’s former coworkers, Grace and Kim, in the financial district. They took me to a nearby dim sum restaurant, and we proceeded to devour practically a cart full of dumplings. Picture it: me and two small Asian lawyers plowing our way through $60 worth of dim sum. We […]

Walgreens, in Two Scenes

Scene One: Jesse has just gone back to Wilmington, and Erin feels as though she’s missing a limb or one of her vital organs. She also needs a Tupperware and some plastic baggies, so she decides to go to Walgreens. Then, four hours later, she finally works up the nerve to leave the apartment and […]

Why Am I Here?

Whenever people find out I’m in San Francisco for the entire month of July, they ask why. This is a perfectly reasonable question, one I’d ask too were the situations reversed. However, I still haven’t exactly figured out how to answer that question. Why am I here? First and foremost, to write. A large chunk […]

And the Angels Sing!

If you have never had a baked pork bun, let me tell you just one thing: You need to have a baked pork bun. Preferably right now. And preferably made by a Chinese person in San Francisco. Preferably from this bakery right here: What is a baked pork bun, you ask? A baked pork bun […]



Our Week in Food

Our first day included the last nap of the week: from here on out, we were pretty much full-tilt into sightseeing and eating our weight in good food. In fact, I have a thing for taking pictures of meals. I have always done this, much to the great annoyance or amusement (depending on the person) […]

We Arrive in San Francisco

Well, I’m here. In San Francisco. Alone. My emotions have ranged from: Holy goodness, I love this place. I’m never leaving! to Holy crap, I’m all alone! Why the heck did I think this was a good idea? And basically everything in between—and that was just yesterday. Jesse came out here with me for a […]