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I’m beginning to think I live in six-month cycles. That nearly everything that has been certain about the past six months is coming up for review. Maybe it’s just the new year. I said at the beginning that I felt 2009 was going to be a change year, and so far it has not disappointed. […]



Things I Missed While in Congo: * Jesse. Not a thing, but still something to miss beyond comprehension. * Grocery shopping. And food sealed in plastic. * Cooking my own food. Even though we had fabulous food while away, there is something therapuetic and irreplacable about preparing my own food. Last night, I made a […]

Last Day in Congo

I promise the next blog I post will have pictures. We leave tomorrow morning and get into Raleigh Wednesday afternoon (which will feel like Wednesday night Congo time). I’m looking forward to being home, to seeing Jesse and to driving on paved roads and grocery shopping at Harris Teeter and brushing my teeth with tap […]

“Sixty-Seven! Sixty-Seven!”

Thoughts/Happenings… 1. We left a little after 5:00 one morning, watched the sunrise while looking across the mountains, layers of hazy peaks, a river snaking between the hills. It was gorgeous, the sun coming up slowly, the light hitting the muddy road, the little houses with corrugated metal roofs and mud walls, and then the […]


One thing you must know about our time in Congo is we are eating like kings. Everyday, Mama Lily brings us huge containers full of food she’s made for us. We eat plates of fried plantains, potatoes and spinach, fish and chicken and beef, rice, beans, fruit–avocados, oranges, bananas. We stuff ourselves regularly, but even […]

Friday the 13th, Congo-Style

Friday, I asked Fiston, our friend and translator, if Friday the 13th had any significance in Congo like it does in America. He said, no, it was just like any other day. Good, I told him, then we won’t have to worry about bad luck today. That morning, we had driven through the busiest part […]